About Pure Power Engineering

We are an engineering firm that specializes in engineering big, challenging, and high profile Solar PV systems (with or without energy storage). Our sophisticated clients know engineering isn’t a commodity and it pays in the end to have the best detailed, technically accurate, and well thought out designs. Pure Power is led by President Richard Ivins, who has been professionally engineering solar PV systems since 2009:

What services do we provide?
95% of our work is creating the drawings and calculation packages for bidding, permits & construction.
The other 5% is supporting the lead up to the full engineering drawings, primarily interconnection support and electrical/structural feasibility studies.

How are we different than other engineering firms?
Pure Power is not a jack of all MEP trades, but is a master of one: Solar PV. All resources of our company are focused on solar and creating the industry’s best construction drawings. Pure Power is led by President Richard Ivins, who has been professionally engineering solar PV systems since 2009:

  1. Pure Power’s designs leverage years of construction experience.
    Pure Power installed systems thru 2015.  Now we only focus on creating the industry’s best plan and drawing sets.  Our past construction experience is the source of our ability to design constructable and value engineered PV systems.  To create drawings that are optimized for construction, you need to know how a system is built. Pure Power understands that better than any engineering firm in the industry.
  2. Pure Power’s designs leverage years of O&M experience
    Pure Power’s sister company PV Pros is a top provider of O&M services in the northeast. PV Pros specializes in inspections, commissioning, preventative maintenance, and repairs of commercial and utility scale solar PV systems in the Northeast. With such close collaboration between the companies, both stand to elevate their games to the next level:

    1. PV Pros O&M team has access to Pure Power’s team of engineers to assist in any technical matter. PV Pros is taking advantage of PPE engineers’ expertise to troubleshoot difficult problems, as well as using PVSYST and performance analytics to direct the technicians into any issues that need to be addressed.
    2. Pure Power’s engineers are crossed trained in O&M, getting hands on with systems to see what are the best practices we want to continue, and bad installation practices we want to prevent. We take all that knowledge and incorporate it into our designs.

What does all this cross-functional experience mean?
Our designs reduce the upfront capital cost of construction while not sacrificing on the 25+ years of operation and maintenance.

“A lot of people in our industry haven’t had very diverse experiences. So they don’t have enough dots to connect, and they end up with very linear solutions without a broad perspective on the problem” – Steve Jobs

Mission Statement:
Provide the industry’s best construction documents to our clients, allowing them to building PV systems faster and more profitably than their competitors.