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Aluminum Conductors

The cost savings of Aluminum conductors is too good to ignore.  Both the engineer and the electrician must respect the differences between copper and the less forgiving aluminum. However, if designed and installed properly, Aluminum can reduce the installed cost and perform just as well as copper. Continue Reading

Correct DC Disconnect Labels

Over the years, we have seen just about every combination of equations and numbers used to calculate the NEC required values on a DC disconnect switch.  NEC requires these values to be calculated and shown on the DC disconnect switch, but it doesn’t give the equations which leads to many interpretations of the calculations should be. Continue Reading

Pure Power Commissions 3.4 MW Carport System

Pure Power Engineering have successfully performed system start up and commissioning of the photovoltaic installation at the County College of Morris. The system is comprised of 3,442.29 kW of photovoltaic modules installed on thirty three carports/canopies and one roof mount. … Continue Reading

10 MW solar farm

Pure Power has been awarded the engineering contract for a 10.0 MW-AC / 12.5 MW-DC ground mount system in Gloucester County, NJ. The solar farm will consist of over 57,000 crystalline modules installed across 98 acres. The system will interconnect … Continue Reading