Utility Scale Solar Engineering

Pure Power is a leader in the design and engineering of utility scale solar photovoltaic systems. PPE delivers a complete set of construction documents (drawings and specifications) signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer (PE).

PPE has committed to the principals of simplification and standardization which results in designs that are easier and less expensive to construction than those of our competitors.

  1. Simplification – The most elegant design is also the simplest. Pure Power’s designs have a shorter Bill of Materials than those of our competitors. Having fewer unique parts translates into fewer mistakes, easier inventory management during construction, and quicker installation. All of the above result in a reduction in the cost of installation.
  2. Standardization – Constructing a solar farm should like an assembly line. Installers work quicker and with fewer mistakes if they are assigned tasks that form a consistent pattern. Inconsistent designs do not add value for the customer, therefore PPE’s designs incorporate as much duplication and repetition as possible, providing the client cost savings through fewer errors and reduced installation time.
  3. Coordination – Every solar project involves a variety of engineering disciplines and construction trades. The documentation from each vendor or consultant provides must be pulled together into a permit package that is submitted to the local authority. As part of its standard level of service PPS will assume the lead role in assembling the work of the engineering trades and vendors into the permit documents and will offer the client a complete signed and stamped permit pack ready for submission.

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